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Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide is used in many applications due to its variety of functions. Recent developments have expanded the market, such as heat dissipation, transparent conductive layer for solar cell and flat panel display replacing ITO, LED, transparent transistor, thermoelectric conversion and more. We have been researching and developing as a total solution provider/ manufacturer for variety of Zinc Oxide. Still, the tire and rubber industry is the major user of Zinc Oxide. In addition to the quality and cost, we promise to supply the necessary quantity as a leading manufacturer in Asia from our Japan, China, Thailand factory.

JIS Grade Zinc Oxide Spec

JIS Grade Zinc Oxide Spec

*JIS:Japanese Industrial Standards


for varistor

The varistor is used in electronic device and arrester to shield those abnormal voltage and lightning strike. This product is made of Zinc Oxide that is main raw material. We produce it for customization fit in your usage.

  1. for varistor
  2. for varistor

for pharmaceutical

Zinc Oxide has astringency of skin and anti-inflammatory action. It has been made of quasi drug as a zinc ointment, anti-inflammatory analgesic plaster, and others. We place strict controls on operation, process of manufacture, and system according to Japanese Pharmacopoeia to produce this material. Our manufacturing plant is accredited by 'GMP'.

JP*1) :Japanese Pharmacopoeia
JP*2) :Japanese Industrial Standards
*Zinc Oxide for pharmaceutimal grade spec

  1. Certificate_of_GMP
  2. Certificate of GMP

Conductive zinc oxid

Electro Conductive ZnO 『23-K』 for Antistatic Paint

Demand of Antistatic Paint Market in Japan: coating surface (800,000㎡) paint consumed (1,200tons)

Architecture of Antistatic Paint Floor

Architecture of Antistatic Paint Floor

Features of 23-K

  • Antimony-Free
    It leads to a low environmental load as well as safety.
  • Bright Color Composition
    Whitish inorganic material makes bright formulation possible with remarkable dispersivity.
  • Eternal Conductivity
    Non-evicting stability in electro-conductivity.

General Characteristics

General Characteristics

Surface resistivity

Electrlcal surface resisnce of the coat of paint containing 23-kSurface resistivity

Construction Place

  1. Operating room
  2. Hospital
  3. Clean room
  4. IT Factory
  5. and more

Zinc oxide for Anti-bacteria

This material is higher Anti-bacteria grade Zinc Oxide than general one.
Usage : textiles, paint, and anti-bacterial spray, and more.

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC)

※10, 000 = It means not to block a growth of these tested bacillus in 10, 000 g/ml.
※78 = It means to be able to block a growth of these tested bacillus in 789 g/ml
footnote: Japan Food Research Laboratories

  • Before

    Escherichia coliat injection

    Escherichia coliat injection

  • After

    Escherichia coli24 hours later

    Escherichia coli24 hours later

Electro-conductive Zinc Oxide

Electrically conductive ZnO powder is a n-type semiconductor doped with different elements. "23-K" is used as antistatic paints for semiconductor factory and applied to control the conductivity of rubber by mixed in rubber products.
types of inorganic, light colored and electrically conductive material are limited, but ZnO has excellent stability and high transparency, so they have started to be applied for many fields. "Pazet" exhibits many functions, UV block, IR block by electro-conductivity and anti-bacteria as Ultra fine Zinc Oxide. Doping metal, doping concentration and particle size can be optimized per customer requirement.

Electro-Conductive Zinc Oxide

Electro-Conductive Zinc Oxide

*1 10MPa Compressed
*2 By calculation from Specific Surface Area measurement

*Most cost effective inorganic powder available in the market.
*Various particle sizes are available, from micron-order for opacity to nano-order for transparency.
*Whitish inorganic material makes bright formulation possible with remarkable dispersivility.
*Non-expiring stability in electro-conductivity.
*In addition to the intrinsic properties of zinc oxide such as UV-block and deodorant, it absorbs infrared radiation.
*Because fo antimony-free powder, it leads to a low environmental load as well as safety.

  • 23-K23-K
  • Pazet CKPazet CK
  • Pazet GK-40Pazet GK-40


Ultra fine and electrically conductive Zinc Oxide "Pazet" exhibits "transparency", "UV-block", and "IR-block" in addition to "electrical conducrivity". It has varioususes such as plastics, rubbers, coating, glasses, textiles, cosmetics, inks, films and so on.

Transmission spectra

Conductive zinc oxide dispersion

Electro-conductive Zinc Oxide dispersion

This material is Ga-doped ZnO dispersion and electric registance stabilized slurry. We recommend to use wet coating.

  • Dispersion Type

    Dispersion Type

    *Please consult us for solvent type, if you hope outside above it.

  • Before dispersion

    Before dispersion
  • After dispersion

    After dispersion

Thin film-forming materials

Zinc Oxide composition for TCO/Semiconductor

We are in a major position to supply ZnO as deposition material, powder types for sputtering targets and tablet types for ion-plating to make TCO transparent conductive films and potical control of doping concentration and particle size.

Zinc Oxide Tablets “ SKY-Z ”

Zinc Oxide Tablets “ SKY-Z ”

Sky-Z series is the ZnO (doped/un-doped) vapor deposition material for the ion-plating method to produce transparent conductive films.
Our Sky-Z has great stability due its splash less architecture.


    Tablet size Φ30mm x 20mm, Φ20mm x 20mm

  • Characteristic of GZO film

Vapor deposition materials replace ITO

ITO is relatively expensive, due to its resource limitation in earth. Most of the rare metals in the world reside in certain countries, which is not suitable for security reasons. Unlike indium, zinc is widely available for commercial use without the risk of shortage


Transparent conductive films
Solar cells, LCD,PDP,Touch panels
Optical transmission control
UV and IR shelter
  • Transmittance as a function of film thickness
  • Surface resistivity as a function of film thickness

Zinc oxide fine

Nano-particle Zinc Oxide

This Zinc Oxide consists of Nano meter size particles. It has high transparency and protects UV, so it is used for a sunscreen or a UV shielding agent. Though ZnO is friendly for a human body and environment, 100nm size ZnO is also available for the consideration of Nano particle effects to humans.

Nano-Sized Zinc Oxide Spec

Nano-Sized Zinc Oxide Spec

  • fraction transmitted(%)

    UVA&Opical wavelength fraction transmitted
  • repetition(%)

    Particle distribution data

Zinc dust

Zinc Dust is a powder of Metalic Zinc.
Various grades are available, based on the particle size and Zinc content.

HakusuiTech manufactures high quality Zinc Dust, as well as Zinc Oxide, using our advanced technology to control the purity and the particle size. Zinc Dust is mainly used for Anti-rusting paint and reducing agent.



  • Grade R SEM×5000

    Grade R SEM×5000
  • Grade F SEM×5000

    Grade F SEM×5000
  • Grade UF SEM×5000

    Grade UF SEM×5000

Zirconium Silicate

"Micropax" and "Zircosil" are the pulverized powder of Zircon Sand. Zircoium Silicate has high stability, fire resistance and hardness, so that it is used as a refractory, a white pigment opacifier for ceramics and a polishing agent. HakusuTech controls the size and distiribution of the particle by our outstanding pulverization techniques. Less usage is necessary to achieve the high opacifying effect, which result is the highest reputation in the market.

Physical Property

Physical PropertyPhysical Property

Micropax(Zirconium Silicate)Grade

Micropax(Zirconium Silicate)Grade

Zircosil(Zircon Flour)Grade

Micropax(Zirconium Silicate)Grade

Barite Powder

Barite powder is an inorganic filler mainly containing Barium sulfate, and chemically stable and non-toxic fine powder with large specific gravity. It is used as a filler and foumulated for golf ball for example, to control the specific gravity in various fields.


Control of apparent density, Body pigment, Soundproofing material, Vibration insulator



General Characteristics

General Characteristics

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